Vinnest Bird's Nests Company Limited - The Best Bird's Nests Of Vietnam

Firstly, Vinnest Bird's Nests Company Limited would like to express our sincere thanks to customers who have been interested in and use the products we provide during the last time!

Vinnest Bird's Nests Company Limited has long been famous as The Best Bird's Nests Of Vietnam - as one of the prestigious units specializing in supplying and trading all kinds of products from pure bird nest with reasonable price and quality guaranteed for customers in Binh Duong, HCM City as well as in other provinces across the country.


Vinnest Bird's Nests Company Limited has many years of experience in the field of wholesale and retail supply of all kinds of products made from bird's nest. Up to now, the shop has provided many customers with quality products and guaranteed food safety. Types of products made from bird nests provided by Vinnest store include:

  • Salanganes'Nest pulls the original hairs
  • Bird's nest cleaning presses
  • Salanganes'Nest has hair type 1
  • Bird's nest soup is available

With the desire to bring to our customers the products with the highest quality and the highest value, Vinnest Bird's Nests Company Limited always strives to develop, improve and diversify products to be able to meet all customer needs in the market. In addition, with a professional and skilled delivery team, we also support fast and completely free delivery service. If customers want to buy and use and are looking for an address to sell pure and refined bird's nest with cheap price, please contact:

Vinnest Bird's Nests Company Limited - The Best Bird's Nests Of Vietnam

Address: 80/16 Tran Quang Dieu, TT Phuoc Vinh, Phu Giao, Binh Duong

Hotline: 0972 540 340 - Website:

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